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"Words cannot express the emotions felt by my mother and I when we received our breathtaking painting. Wendy's pure and beautiful healing intentions are truly felt and taken in. We are forevermore grateful."

-  Renata Revich

"Wendy seems to have captured the essence of impressionism in her expression of the interaction between shade and light to create a perception of depth. It truly is a pleasure to see such talent expressed intuitively and be so captivating in its charisma and uniqueness."

-  Marc Farmer

"As I stare into my “Lily Pad” painting, I instantly become captivated by the stillness of my mind and enjoy the exquisite mystery behind these paintings. Thank you Wendy for sharing your infinite love and healing with the world."

- Andrea Davies

"I suffer from migraine headaches regularly. Since placing Wendy's healing paintings above my bed, my migraines have been less intense and much more bearable. They have truly been a Godsend."

 - Wendy Lewis 

"For a long time we wanted an art piece that would be a focal point of our new home. Wendy’s generosity with her time and her super talent has provided just that in the piece she painted especially for us. With her own take on Claude Monet’s “Sunrise”, Wendy created this gorgeous sunrise and called it “Serenity sunrise”. The brightness, happiness and positive energy that we feel when we look at this picture makes every day special. Wendy is a very special and gifted person with an incredible talent for creating art that has such a positive effect on so many people."

- Jennie Riazanski

Jocelyn diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2015. She was at Southlake when she received a healing painting from Wendy expressing her gratitude for the artwork. 

I feel deeply connected to my healing painting and find myself needing to look at it when I experience pain and fatigue from my chemotherapy drugs. Like a guided meditation, I follow each healing stroke in my painting from top to bottom and before I know it, I have released my pain and tension. Wendy’s healing artwork calms me so that I can heal from within. My son with his Medical and Science background is absolutely blown away by these paintings and their healing impact. I am living proof of the healing powers that Wendy possesses (as far back as 18 years from my stem cell transplant).

— Gini Stringer

(Business Leader of the year Award, Woman of the year Award, Citizen of the year Award 2015, & Torch Bearer 2015 Pan Am Games)

I have watched from seemingly afar with the greatest of bewilderment and intensity at the astonishing development of a woman’s healing power as it is transformed through an art form of painted antiquity to truly healing masterpieces of the day. The deep caring and desire to heal and give from within her soul is revealed and transformed to help family and strangers alike overcome some of the most serious ailments and diseases. History will record Wendy and her work for all the world to revere.

— Joe Pacione

There seems to be a lot of coincidences when it comes to Wendy, that people start feeling better, their illness seems to disappear. Again it is so hard to explain what you feel after meeting her. All I can say is I truly wish our world had more people like her in it. She is so selfless, so honest, and we are so blessed to know her. Every morning I say a healing prayer for people I know and she and her family are always in my thoughts.

 - Dawn Kennedy 

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