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A portion of the proceeds will go towards Wendy's Healing Painting Mission and The Canadian Cancer Society.
"I love your book. It is very beautiful and very inspiring. You have a huge heart, a great gift, and a brilliant concept" 
- Jack Canfield (Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

About Wendy (Berney) Pacione


Wendy is a truly gifted, intuitive and naturally empathetic artist with an affinity to help and support others. Discovering her gift in fine arts only in 2014, she has inspired many ill children to seniors and their families on their healing journey.

Wendy has created 500 impressionist paintings, which include her originals and Claude Monet interpretive pieces. Channeling high vibration healing energy and loving intentions, she intuitively selects crystals for careful placement in each of her paintings.

Healing Artwork by Wendy acts as a sacred vehicle that triggers healing mechanisms and motivates internal healing powers. Integrated into each treasured painting is the beauty of nature and Wendy’s capacity to channel love. Families report her work delivers much needed hope, serenity and solace to those coping with the circle of life. There are many miraculous wellness stories attributed to her healing art.

Wendy's Mission

Wendy has this incredible desire to heal the world and teach others how to re-connect to their healing power from within. It is through her healing paintings she is able to carry out this meaningful mission of hers. Once these paintings are paired with their rightful owners, miracles start to unfold.

These paintings hold a high vibration of love that activate your own healing mechanisms within you. Wendy believes that dis-ease is self-manifested and that if we have the power to create our own dis-ease than we must have the power to heal it too. Her paintings are the very metaphor for such beliefs. Wendy is a breathing example of her philosophy on health as she was diagnosed with age-related macular-degeneration and has since then been able to self-heal through the power of her healing art. She believes that this gift of healing is from God.

Wendy has donated healing paintings for people around the world including Canada, United States, Mexico, England, Scotland, Iran, South Africa and China. This book is about the many miraculous wellness stories attributed to her healing artwork.

By: Andrea Davies April 8th 2019



If you or someone you know would like Wendy to paint a healing painting, please fill out the form and include the following:

1. The number to identify which painting you would like Wendy to paint for you. Please see Gallery for selection. If you have another landscape scene that you would prefer, please send it to:

*If the healing painting is for someone else, please make sure that person selects the painting.

2. Identify the type of illness and healing intentions you would like Wendy to add into your healing painting.

*Knowing the illness helps in the crystal selection for your healing painting.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards Wendy's Healing Painting Mission and The Canadian Cancer Society.

Wendy with friend Diane, collaborate together to create a healing painting with crystals to the Margaret Bahen Hospice in Newmarket, Ontario. 
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